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PSP Games – How To Download PSP Games From The Internet

PSP Games – How To Download PSP Games From The Internet

In today’s video game market you have to pay quite a bit of money to get the brand new cutting edge video game systems like the PS3, XBox 360 and even the Sony PSP, I am talking major money anywhere from 0 to 0 dollars then on top of that you have to buy the expensive games that can be to dollars, just ridiculous prices.

With all this money, it is pretty hard to keep up and get the newest games and or systems, so I decide to do some homework on trying to find an alternate way of getting games for my PSP. Well it didn’t take long for me to cut down on the cost of buying games for my PSP, in fact, now I get all my PSP games for free.

Have you been having trouble learning how to download games on your PSP? It is really easy to learn how. Here’s how to do it in 6 easy steps.

1.) Get A Memory Stick

You are going to need a lot of free space. The original 32 MB stick just won’t cut it. How can you download games or watch movies on 32 MBs?! I would recommend 256 Megs of free space.

2.) Download PSP game files to your computer

Make sure you aren’t downloading shareware but full games. Once you download the games you want to your computer, you are able to transfer them to your PSP.

3.) Decompress the file

If the games are compressed in a ZIP file, you will need a free program like Winzip or Stuffit Expander (Mac) to decompress the file. These programs will automatically unzip the file.

4.) Connect your PSP to your computer

Now, how do we play the games? To be able to play the games, you must connect the PSP to your computer (duh). You should use the free USB cable that the PSP comes with. The PSP must be in USB mode for the files to download. How to do this? Press the HOME button and scroll to the SETTINGS column. Scroll to USB CONNECTION and press X. Then you are ready for file transfer.

5.) Copy the PSP Game to your PSP

You have to copy the full game to PSP > Game. If you do not put the game in this folder, it will certainly not work.

6.) Play the game

I know it sounds to good to be true, but believe me when I say this is the real deal. It is 100% legal and extremely easy, all you have to do is download the PSP games from your computer onto your PSP and start playing. There are literally thousands of PSP games that are available to download, but you have to be care as there are a lot of sites out there that will really mess with your computer with adware and spyware.

A Prospective Tool Of Education

A Prospective Tool Of Education

It’s popular belief that video games are addictive and turn people into dull headed zombies. This supposedly wrong notion about video games is sought to be set right by no less than the Federation of American Scientists.

Everyone agrees that repeatedly doing a thing will result in almost perfecting the task. Video games by their very nature involve repetition to a large extent. By repeatedly playing a game, the child gets to master the techniques and tricks to win the game. To win a video game you have to plan and strategize, as almost all the games are based on a story line of mysteries and surprises. When a child playing a game repeatedly, learns the tricks and cheats to win the game by trial and error, he’s honing his skills in analytical thinking, multitasking, team building and problem solving under pressure. These are the qualities that every employer is looking for in his prospective employees.

However, one can’t rejoice that playing video games will give him /her good job, for, not all the games are so positively oriented. Except for a handful of games, all others promote violence and destruction. Besides this, none of the games are curriculum oriented – they teach nothing about science or math or whatever subject as in the school syllabus. So, the government and the industry should invest in projects to develop games that are subject oriented as well as soft skills enhancing.

Among the teaching fraternity, there is a half hearted support for having video games as a teaching aid. While two thirds of teachers interviewed for their opinion thought that the video games would lead to “anti-social behaviours”, a large majority believed that they developed motor, cognitive and thinking skills and acquire specific knowledge. In schools, it is almost impossible to pay personal attention to each of the students and teaching according to his learning skills. But now, some educationists believe that games have the potential to personalize and allow pupils to learn at their own pace. Thinking of it, we find children sitting glued to computer or video games for hours together, while teachers find it difficult to keep the attention of the students for a full 40 minutes. So, it is clear that visual attraction and interacting process can be used for better gain. Perhaps, if there is a video game that is based on a lesson, say history, on the life of Napoleon, children would get to know the French History better.

As of now there are only a handful of commercial games that can be used for education purposes. The governments of the world and the gaming industry should fund projects that help develop games based on the school curriculum. Using software for teaching is different from using games. Video game is a technology that can’t be wished away. It has come to stay and is eating up almost all the time the kids have to spare.

Doug Lowenstein, President of the Entertainment Software Association, says, “We would be crazy not to seek ways to exploit interactive games to teach our children.” Don Blake, technology analyst for the National Education Association, says that the teachers need to see games as a way to help – not as a threat!

The Experts have agreed to agree. So, this powerful medium should be properly harnessed and used prospectively, helping in bringing up a generation that excels in analytical thinking, multitasking, team building and problem solving.

Recommended Video Game System Best for Kids

Recommended Video Game System Best for Kids

There are many choices in the games that kids can play. Some are educational, fun and extra entertaining for many kids to enjoy. Because of our new innovative technology and progress, even changes in the way children games have also transformed to a more realistic and virtual game playing with contents unacceptable for many kids to view.

Before, video games were invented for educational and entertainment purposes that kids have enjoyed playing even today. Most likely, parents did not have to worry about what their kids are playing because game content was safe and fairly protected from harmful contents. Like the Atari video game system, offering wholesome games such as Pac-Man or Space Invaders, kids are open to have a fun and be entertained without any explicit content and away from corruption that could influence the children’s behavior. Unfortunately, changes in technology have altered the way video games are today. Games of today are more realistic and are in stilled with adult content that many game manufacturers have included in their games. Therefore, parents are now concerned on the typical game system that they want their kids to have. In fact, many parents are opting to find the best video game system that is best for their kids but away from adult contents and other threatening factors that could influence the kids.

Unlike before, Atari game system was the best video games made available to kids. Now, video game system has increased due to so many selections available to consumers especially to parents. Large selections of different types of game system such as Sony PlayStation 2, Nintendo’s GameCube, and Microsoft’s Xbox and Xbox 360 video games from Microsoft are some of the selections that parents consider purchasing for their kids.

The best selling game console in the market is the Sony PlayStation 2 (or often referred to as PS2), it caters to all ages while providing about 600 different types of games. These games have been rated for every age bracket to enjoy and specifically for preference of age limitation allowed for each game and level usage. For example, games rated with E are allowed for ages from six and up. Other games at this rating, however, are complicated for younger children to play therefore, rating with E10+ are advisable for children above ten years old to play. Likewise, other games for younger children below 10 are rated with EC or in other words, Early Childhood.

A popular video game system that children basically love is the Nintendo GameCube console. This game system has about 263 games that are based on children’s favorite titles like the Sega’s Sonic GEMS Collections, Mario Party 6 and Mario Tennis from Nintendo, and other game titles particularly for GameCube console that are also rated E.

Another video game system rated E is the Xbox and Xbox 360 video game with a built-in parental control. The Xbox has about 270 available games while the Xbox 360 has about 12 games and increasing with other popular releases. Although, some of these games may not only be available on the Xbox but as well, be available to GameCube and PS2 or all three video game systems mentioned. In such, the Xbox games with E rating like Astropop and Feeding Frenzy can have crossover titles that many publishers have also released and made possible to other video game system. For instance, rated E games like Eidos InteractiveLEGO Star Wars are available to GameCube, PS2 and even Xbox whereas other rated E10+ are also available to other game systems, while other games like the rated EC Global Star Software’s Dora the Explorer are solely for Xbox and PS2 only.

Choosing the best video game system for the kids is important especially if parents are very concerned in their kid’s preference in video game playing. The abovementioned video game system can help parents understand the kinds of video game system available to kids while assisting parents in finding the best video game system to give to them. Parents should keep in mind that video game systems for their kids should have parental control options on the game system to lock functions or set limits to the kind of games or titles allowed for playing or viewing. From the abovementioned video game systems, the most advisable for parents to purchase is the Xbox and Xbox 360 because it comes with a built-in parental control.

Online Fashion Games: What They Are How to Find Them?

Online Fashion Games: What They Are How to Find Them?

Have you ever heard of online fashion games before? If you haven’t or even if you have, but you have yet to play one online, you may want to think about doing so. Fashion games come in all different sizes, shapes, and styles and they are actually designed for more than just entertainment.

As previously mentioned, online fashion games come in a number of different formats. For instance, you can find fun fashion games that are designed for children and teenagers, but did you also know that there are fun, yet educational online fashion games out there for adults? There are and those are the types of online fashion games that you may want to focus the most on because in addition to being fun, they can also help you improve your fashion sense.

Although different online fashion games are played different ways, you will likely be able to come across an online fashion game that allows you to create an onscreen character for yourself. That character is often given the same body type as you or as you created it to be. A large number of online fashion websites allow you to “try on,” certain types of clothing to see what works best for you and your body frame. This is a great way to try out new fashion trends without actually having to visit a clothing store. In addition to traditional clothing, you may also find that you are given the option to add clothing accessories, like jewelry and handbags, to the picture.

Playing an online fashion game that allows you to test out new fashions on an online character that resembles you and your body frame is a great way to learn more about fashions for your own personal body. However, that is not the only type of online fashion game that you can find to play online. There are also online fashion trivia games that can test your knowledge about fashion, namely what is popular and what is not. Essentially, no matter what type of online fashion game you are looking for, you should be able to find a number of them to play.

Speaking of finding online fashion games, you have a number of different options. One of those options involves visiting the online websites of well-known fashion magazines or even just websites that offer free fashion tips. It is not uncommon for a fashion focused website to have online fashion games on it. If the online fashion website in question does not have their own online fashion games, there is a good chance that they would try to link to other websites that do.

Perhaps, the easiest way to go about finding online fashion games is by performing a standard internet search. A standard internet search is a great way to find online fashion games, as it relatively easy to do. When performing your standard internet search, you may want to think about searching with phrases like “online fashion games,” or “free online fashion games.” If you are looking for a particular type of online fashion game, like a trivia game or one that is designed for teenagers, you may want to think about incorporating that into your standard internet search.

In your search for online fashion games, there is a good chance that you will come across some games that require the paying of a small fee. Just so you know, the decision as to whether or not you want to pay to play an online fashion game is yours to make, but you should be able to find a number of fun, exciting, and free online fashion games.


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Arcade Games Key Features

Arcade Games Key Features

Arcade games have short learning curves and simple levels. These games have been designed to inject the quick bursts of adrenaline rushes; unlike the console games which are about in-depth game play and well scripted story lines.

Apparently, the reason being that a player is essentially renting an arcade game for as long as their virtual entity stays alive. The game titles in PC’s or consoles can also be termed as the ‘arcade game’ if it shares the same qualities.

The arcade racing games feature a simplified physics engine and preserve certain action. The effects are not always pragmatic; as you can turn sharply without drifting or losing control.

Arcade racing games used a simple Rubberband A.I. system. The system is programmed so that you don’t get left far behind or move ahead of the rest.

Arcade flight games are highly simplified when compared to flight simulators. These games are facing a steady resurgence with people increasingly favoring action over reality.

The recent success of games like Crimson Tide and Secret weapons over Normandy attest this phenomenon.

The simple game play also makes the arcade games super addictive. Arcade classics like Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat and King of Fighters were built on simple game play.

They were often related to mindless thrashing of the joystick and buttons. Even newer titles like Tekken and Dead or Alive with highly detailed game play and graphics are unable to overthrow these classics.

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